Ferrari Brut

A manifesto for tradition

The historic wine of the Ferrari Company is a Trentodoc that is the product of 100% Chardonnay grapes and of their incomparable synergy with the mountains of Trentino.

Colour and perlage A lively, bright straw yellow. The perlage is fine and persistent.

Nose A fresh and intense bouquet, with a broad fruity note of ripe Golden Delicious apples, white flowers and a delicate scent of yeast, deriving from more than two years’ ageing in bottle.

Taste Harmonious and well-balanced, with a faint suggestion of ripe fruit and attractive hints of crusty bread.

  • Vinepair

    Italian sparkling wine that challenges nearly all champagnes in complexity with golden apple flavors and tons of luscious yeasty tones.

  • Gambero Rosso Guide

    Classic in its style and taste characteristics, this Brut is fresh and unmistakable.

  • Slow Wine Guide

    Precise and dry, a perfect standard-bearer for the denonination.

  • Antonio Galloni Wine Advocate

    This is one of the finest sparkling wines (from any country) for the money.

Serving suggestions

Ferrari Brut and Parma ham and mozzarella

Alfio Ghezzi
Ferrari's Chef

The sweetness of the mozzarella and of the ham is perfectly balanced by the freshness of Ferrari Brut.

Ferrari Brut and Parmigiano Reggiano cheese risotto

Parmigiano Reggiano has a very concentrated flavour: an authentic expression of its area of origin and of Italy as a whole.
This cheese, the most famous in the world, is essential in order to add character to the risotto, giving it a perfect creamy texture.

Alfio Ghezzi
Ferrari's Chef

The fresh flavour of Ferrari Brut creates an excellent accompaniment for the softness and fattiness of the risotto.