Italian excellence
in your glass

A constant quest for
quality and elegance,
as well as an indissoluble
link with the terroir.
These are the values shared by
the brands that the Lunelli family
has chosen to complement Ferrari.

A Group has thus been created
that has become synonymous with
top-quality Italian beverages
around the world.


The wines of the Lunelli Estates express the characteristics of three properties in three different areas with important winemaking traditions: Margon in Trentino, Podernovo in Tuscany and Castelbuono in Umbria. As artisans of time, the Lunelli Estates produce elegant, long-lived wines that can withstand the test of time.
It gushes forth in the heart of the Adamello Brenta Natural Park, in Trentino. Its extraordinary lightness makes it perfect for accompanying fine wines; for this reason it is the official water of the Italian Sommeliers’ Association, reserved only for top restaurants.
This historic Trentino distillery has succeeded in reinventing grappa in a contemporary style; the result is an extraordinarily appealing, mellow spirit that is an outstanding alternative to imported distillates.
This is a brand that has written the story of Prosecco and represents one of the outstanding expressions of the Valdobbiadene zone. It tells that story in a collection of wines of the highest quality, which distinguish themselves by their freshness and elegance. The Lunelli Group acquired a 50 % share in Bisol in April 2014.


Hospitality, Lunelli-style

This complex of late-eighteenth farm buildings lies in a hilly wine-producing zone in Tuscany.
Thanks to painstaking restoration, it offers high-quality apartments in which to enjoy an authentic Tuscan experience.
An outstanding restaurant devoted to haute cuisine, Locanda Margon has been conceived as a space for trying out innovative food pairings with Trentodoc.